Chasing Light’s Shadow

Available Now: Chasing Light’s Shadow, a YA Urban Fantasy Novel spiked with fake vampire teeth, virgin blood, and fiery kisses.

Available at:

CHASINGLIGHTSHADOWAVAILABLE NOW PICTo make a living, seventeen-year-old Eloise Wylde helps her alcoholic dad cheat during poker games. But when Eloise makes a mistake, her dad’s life is threatened. Either she counts cards for Randy, the infamous drug dealer they’ve cheated, or her Dad dies. As if by magic, Eloise stumbles upon the green-eyed Light, who has an even darker past than herself. He promises to save her dad if she strikes a deal with him. However, his calm and collected personality hides a shadowy secret. Eloise agrees and Light plunges her into a world where the police are animalistic, mermaids run a black market, and inter-dimensional portals resemble airports. When Eloise realizes she must choose between her anticipated reunion with her dad or saving Light from a grim fate, she discovers love is like sealing a demonic contract–it can kill you.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Light’s Shadow

  1. Kimberly Morgan May 11, 2019 — 12:17 am

    Wow that sounds fascinating and I will be reading this book!!!


  2. This sounds insanely good! Where can I buy/read it when it comes out?


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